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Van Raam

Adaptive Cycles

Van Raam has been building bicycles for 100 years with the last 30 years being dedicated solely to innovation in the adaptive cycling sector. The cycles are all hand built in the Netherlands and most of them have an electric pedal assist option. Explore the Van Raam website for 360 degree product images, specifications, options and lots of great video links to get you better acquainted with their diverse line up of adaptive cycles.

Velo Plus by Van Raam

Velo Plus

Wheelchair Transport Bike

VaanRam Opair


Wheelchair bike w/ detachable chair

Fun2Go by Vaan Ram


Side by Side

FunTrain by Vaan Ram


Tows behind Fun2Go

Chat Trishaw by Van Raam


Trishaw certified for use by Cycling Without Age

City Walking Support by Van Raam

City Walking Support

Adult and Child size

Kivo & Kivo Plus (Tandem Parent and Child) by Van Raam

Kivo & Kivo Plus

Tandem Parent and Child



Twinny Plus

Tandem Trike in Rear

Husky by Van Raam


Age 2 up

Mini by Van Raam


Age 4 up

Easy Rider Jr. by Van Raam

Easy Rider Jr

Age 4 up

Midi by Van Raam


Age 8 up and smaller adults

Easy Rider

Reclined Comfort Adult Trike

Easy Sport




Maxi Comfort

Ergonomic Trike


Two Feet on the Ground Stability

Viktor &Viktoria

Reverse Trikes

Easy Go


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Hippocampe by Vipamat

The All Terrain Wheelchair

The Hippocampe is uniquely versatile and has been designed for a wide audience as it can be self propelled or push assisted. Optional ski kits and beach wheels allow for four season access to a wide variety of outdoor environments. It is easily transportable when the components are broken down and packed into a large carry bag. Contact us and we can discuss the best configuration for your individual or organization’s needs.

Spark Adaptive is on a mission

We want everyone to feel that spark of pure joy that comes with the freedom of getting where you want to go. Whether that is on a bike path, a forest trail, a snowy route or to the ocean’s edge.

Let us help you discover the freedom when barriers to recreating in the outdoors are removed and you can get out there to explore where your heart desires.

We have a range of products that were designed with you in mind.  

Collectively these products represent over a half-century of innovation in design.

Spark Adaptive is based on Vancouver Island and serves Western Canada and Washington State.

We sell Van Raam cycles from the Netherlands and Hippocampe all terrain wheelchairs from France.

We love to connect with individuals, organizations and community hubs that share our passion for adaptive outdoor recreation.  Everyone has the right to play outdoors and we want to help make that possible by creating partnerships and connections that bring adaptive outdoor recreation equipment into your community.